Move Heavy Stuff
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    What tool professionals have to say about BIGSLIDER™ utility movers...


    Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in new product design and innovation. National Hardware Show Winner.

      “If the big slider had been around 5,000 years ago, the wheel might never have been invented.”  

    -- Jim Meigs, Editor-in-Chief

    Top 13 New Tools From the National Hardware Show: Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Awards

    How it works: High-density polyethylene (HDP) is among the most slippery solid substances known to man, and it's also among the toughest. Place any heavy load on this HDP plastic sheet, and you've got a sled that moves heavy loads like nobody's business.

    Why it matters: A wheeled platform of some kind (i.e. the hand truck, wheel barrow or dolly) is handy but imperfect. If you're working alone, how do you get the load on to it in the first place? With this mover, you simply tip and pivot the load onto the sheet, then slide it where it needs to go. It moves loads up to 500pounds over carpet, grass or even rough concrete or dirt.


    Mag Ruffman Tool Girl BigSlider demo  “Your big slider is a great favorite new tool. And believe me, I have a lot of tools.” -- Mag Ruffman, ToolGirl
      Cool Tools BigSlider Review ”With the big slider the only force you have to overcome is friction...Big slider is a big winner!” -- Chris Grundy, Cool Tools DIY Network