Move Heavy Stuff
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How to Choose


Measure the base of your heavy item. Choose the size you need. Allow extra length to create a sling for irregular loads...or for sliding uphill, over thresholds, or up stairs.

BigSkids (2)   9 x 24"

Professional  23 1/2 x 59"  

Small Appliance Mover  26 x 31"  

Professional Wider  29 1/2 x 47"   

Heavy Duty Tray  30 x 50 x 2 1/2" - has a lip for when you want to move a bunch of heavy, loose items; mix soils and mulches; or move a heavy carcass



No more waiting for help!

  • Measure the footprint of your heavy items, then choose your size.
  • Use our tough plastic sheets to move heavy stuff.  
  • Indoors and Out. Residential and Commercial.